Ghid turistic Romania (engleză)



Ghidul turistic România, din colecția ®Călător pe mapamond, este realizată în totalitate de echipa editurii Ad Libri. Cuprinde informații numeroase, sfaturi practice și recomandări, precum  și hărți.

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Text Mariana Pascaru
Traducere Maria Dumitru și Alistair Ian Blyth
Fotografii Florin Andreescu
Text în limba Engleză
Caracteristici tehnice 12,3 x 21 cm, 184 pag, 135 g/mp
Copertă Plastifiată, cu clape
ISBN 978-606-8050-67-6


Romania is getting increasingly known in Europe. While before its EU accession (2007), it came as a surprise for some to look at a map of Europe and discover a place called Romania, others admitted to having been won over by this country full of life and colour which had not become just another standard product for tourists. A trip to Romania will trigger wild sensations, strong impressions and feelings that can suddenly shift from enthusiasm to astonishment, from trust to suspicion and from empathy to outrage. But leave your preconceived ideas aside and you will be able to enjoy one of the least conventional journeys through the European continent. Time has its own pace, depending on the location you are in – spinning out of control in the frantic capital city or slow and soft in the sleepy country villages where we are under the impression that life comes to a halt or barely moves along.

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