Ghid turistic București (engleza)



Colecția ®Călător pe mapamond este realizată în totalitate de echipa editurii Ad Libri. Fotografi profesioniști și redactori cu experiență au găsit cea mai potrivită formulă pentru un ghid complet, cu informații numeroase, aduse la zi și verificate pe teren, ilustrații atrăgătoare, sfaturi practice și recomandări.

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Text Mariana Pascaru
Fotografii Florin Andreescu
Text în limba Engleză
Traducere Alistair Ian Blyth
Copertă Plastifiată, cu clape
Caracteristici tehnice 12,3 x 21 cm, 176 pag, 135 g/mp
ISBN 978-606-8050-638


Bucharest seems to have gradually recreated its identity, which it accepts with pride, as proudly as its young inhabitants, who can be seen in steadily greater numbers pedalling through the city on their bicycles, serenely braving the chaotic traffic around them. It is a lesson in enthusiasm and courage for the cavillers, pragmatists and eternal malcontents around them. Yes, we cannot deny it, the city’s heritage is still placed in peril by corrupt, conniving officials in thrall to the old system (which is still a force to be reckoned with) and too many of its architectural treasures are being destroyed, almost as many as during the hated time of communist urban planning. But in the present guide we shall leave aside such complaints and set out to discover a different Bucharest, a Bucharest unaffected by dilemmas and conflicts, and focus on its brighter side.

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